You can usually find plants at ornamental plant nurseries in mid-north Florida. Quite nice. Most of us simply call this shrub by its generic name “elaeagnus,” but botanically it’s Elaeagnus pungens ‘Fuitlandii’. thorny olive. 😉. Common names are also in reference to the spines. PS make sure you leave room for them to spread, or they will choke out you other plants. Grow elaeagnus where you need a large, assertive shrub. They do put out really scraggly long branches at certain times. Grow southern peas in Florida for an unstoppable crop! Is it thorny, and is it a bush or a tree? I wanted to reach out since you lived in gainesville maybe you know a place near me that would have it? Seed - raw or cooked. Plant it in lousy soil and it will still thrive. You can usually find them at ornamental landscape nurseries up here. Cult. color: #ccc; The genus name Elaeagnus comes from the Greek words elaia meaning "olive tree" and agnos meaning "chaste" or "pure". I’ve got them growing near my citrus trees and as they grow bigger, I’ll chop them back and use the trimmings for mulch. Because we’ve had a mild winter, the berries are popping up a bit earlier than usual. A nice sub-acid flavour when fully ripe but astringent if eaten before then. Actually, it has that gray-green foliage so many people like in their landscapes. It's not "supposed" to grow down there, but it probably will. { Or do you have to trim it to keep it bushy, and will that drastically lower fruiting? Specific epithet means sharp-pointed in reference to the sharp thorny spines found on this species. 1949. One of the Asian species, E. angustifolia, may also be native in southeasternmost Europe, though it may instead be an early human introduction there. 2) Planting month for zone 7: year round Propagate Yams the Easy Way with Yam Minisetts. Elaeagnus hybrid, Elaeagnus pungens, Elaeagnus glabra, Elaeagnus ‘variegata’ What does it look like? This evergreen shrub can light up the dark corners of a garden. Unless those green shoots are removed, they will quickly overtake the slower-growing yellow-and-green leaves. Those can be trimmed (or you can lay them on the ground with a brick on top and start new plants). 🙂, Is it dense enough to provide screening? The Hidden Danger of Straw Bale Gardening No... Farmer Dave vs. the Econopocalypse: Episode VI –... Good article on perennials at Backwoods Home Magazine, 7 Staple Survival Crops for Northern Gardens, David The Good from, A Look at the Fruit Trees I Planted Six Years Ago in Georgia. The leaf of Elaeagnus lanceolata and Elaeagnus henryi as well as Elaeagnus pungens has been documented as an effective herb for the treatment of asthma and chronic bronchitis in traditional clinical medicine. letter-spacing: 1px; does anyone have any seeds – i was only able to buy autumn olives seeds – i cannot find silver thorn seeds anywhere? See this plant in the following landscape: Cultivars / Varieties: Fruitlandii Though most people grow silverthorn as an ornamental hedge plant, it’s a good edible and a good nitrogen fixer. It’s hard to beat something that makes fruit so early, stands the cold, and stays evergreen. Full sun. You can also subscribe without commenting. The eleagnus family has plenty of edibles in it, though they’re not well known. Constantly soggy soil can and often will cause root rot or other harmful or deadly plant diseases. They’re about the only insect that causes any concern, and a systemic insecticide should make quick work of them if you apply it immediately. Also known as. Skip to control methods. Elaeagnus grows in a wide assortment of soils. All Right Reserved. If, however, you begin to see tan mottling on the top surfaces of the leaves, lace bugs may be visiting your plant. Thanks David! I have been learning about gardening the last few years and because of you I haven’t fallen flat on my face nearly as much as I would have at this point haha. It is in leaf all year, in flower from November to February, and the seeds ripen from April to May. I found silver throne plants at wallmart and got three plants, have never found them there again, probably as they have been placed on invasive species list, they grew into a 15ft high single plant and I have been successfully started dozens of plants from cuttings, just place cuttings in soil pot keep moist in shady area, my property in n. fl. div.inline-ad-wrap > div { Image of silverberry, pungens, delicious - 176850004 Elaeagnus parviflora – a deciduous shrub or small tree, with silvery foliage and scented, cream flowers, appearing from April to May, followed by red, edible berries. Just want to know how to kill it? Trees 483. This looks like a great idea for an edible hedge plant – what say you? Seeds, no. Dense, spiny, vigorous, scrambling shrub, spreading over support to 20m tall. // Allium Cernuum Bulbs For Sale, Fisher Cat Screaming In Front Yard, Top 50 Lyricists Of All Time, Why Do Foxes Scream At Night In July, Introduction To Stochastic Optimal Control, Cloud Computing Applications Examples, Hardy Name Meaning, Samira In Arabic Writing,